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Home Fuel & Heating Services

  We are a full service heating company offering home delivery of #2 heating fuel  to the Cecil County area. We have a full compliment of services including: burner service contracts, automatic delivery option, and budget payments.

Delivery Options:

  Automatic Delivery allows the customer to not worry about their oil deliveries. We use the customers delivery history together with local forecast (degree days) to determine a delivery schedule. During initial set up of automatic delivery we ask that the customer monitor the oil level for the first two deliveries to establish proper delivery. Automatic deliveries may be suspended if the account in overdue or if there is unsafe conditions of the tank/fill or piping.
Call In delivery allows the customer to monitor their own tank and decide when to get oil.

Payment Plans:

  Budget Plan allows the customer to breakdown their cost of oil over a 10 month payment plan beginning in August or a 12 month plan starting in July. The budget amount is accumulated from the previous seasons usage and the estimated price of oil. (Requires House Account to be eligible for Budget Plan)

Credit Card Account allows the customer to have the oil automatically charged to their credit card when ordering.

C.O.D. (cash on delivery) allows the customer to pay the driver at time of delivery. (Customers may also prepay at the office)

House Charge Acct requires a credit application to set up. Oil can be billed to the account giving the customer 10 days to pay for a delivery. See associate for more details.
Oil Tank Chart 

We also sell anthracite chestnut coal by the ton or by 50lb bags.